Pit stop Sessions

Any European project or network starts by getting to know each other. Sounds basic but when it comes to organising international activities, exchanging films, proposing new formats, better to know which partner is the best fit, which set would work well in one particular venue, what format or topic would appeal to one specific audience.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Connecting Cinemas partners were unable to meet face to face when the project started. However, we took advantage of digital tools to design introductory sessions for the partners to learn more about each other’s production conditions, cinema characteristics, challenges and opportunities in an interactive way. The aim was for the Connecting Cinemas project consortium to better understand the local situation of its members and the major strengths and weaknesses of being an arthouse cinema in a rural area, as well as to collect inputs to better define the direction of future Connecting Cinemas activities.
We borrowed the name “pit-stop” from motorsports where it is a pause for refuelling and mechanical repair carried out by experts, the pit crew in a minimum of time.