CONNECTING CINEMAS IN RURAL AREAS is a pilot project funded by the Creative Europe MEDIA programme of the European Commission to bring the idea of European cinemas a step further by connecting the audiences and cinemas in rural regions Europe-wide. The project aims at emphasizing the role of the space of the cinema as a cultural hub in rural areas and establishing a networked infrastructure to share digital and cross-border events.

Connecting Cinemas is a project by Neue Kammerspiele (Kleinmachnow) & Public Art Lab (Berlin) in cooperation with
Fortress Šibenik, Croatia || Amza Pellea Cinema, Rasnov, Rumania || Kino Cinema Star, Veria, Greece || M2C Institute for Applied Media Technology and Culture at the City University of Applied Sciences Bremen Germany || Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands || KEA European Affairs Brussels, Belgium ||

Lockdown measures and travel bans resulting from the spread of COVID-19 in early 2020 constrained the project to shift perspectives and adapt to a new situation with closed cinemas and audiences staying home.

Partners gathered their creative energies in order to find solutions to stand their ground as cinemas and cultural hubs beyond the big screen as well as fulfil the aim of the project. With the curatorial strands of CONNECT, ENGAGE and ENTERTAIN, a series of digital events for international audiences focussed on the significance of cinema as a place for critical reflection and dialogue and therefore emphasize the importance of culture for society – especially in times of change – as well as the strength of an international and creative network.


exchange local perspectives and opinions about Cinema audiences Europe-wide, facilitating dialogue, exchange of perspectives and cultural values beyond borders through a remote shared programme between cinema partners. While opening the cinema’s black box, the big screen can become an interactive media window for debates and discussions to exchange local perspectives and opinions about the film culture.


has experimented with ways to transform cinemas into cultural centres with events and playful interactions, especially to attract a younger audience beyond social and cultural differences.


Local audiences in rural areas with tailored participatory forms of community storytelling, marketing strategies and civic engagement by expanding the cinema-making process to the neighbourhoods. Engaging (new) audiences is also about making cinemas relevant places to discuss topical issues such as solidarity, humanity and social inclusion.

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