The Covid-19 pandemic affects us all. The cinemas are closing again. The news is full of facts and figures about the Covid-19 development. But what does it mean for our daily life? How do our European neighbours feel and experience the lockdown and times of Covid-19? How can we glance through the fence and participate in the daily life of our neighbours with the audio-visual narrative of film and cinema making?

ON THE WAY TO MY CINEMA invites you to show us the way to your favorite cinema. Imagine your cinema is still open – which film would you like to see? Where would you meet your friends to enjoy the aftermath of the shared experience of movie watching? Drift with us through your neighbourhood and shoot a one minute film with your smartphone to give us a glimpse of a moment how your daily routines have changed in the last months. Share your video with us on the CONNECTING CINEMAS platform and you will see that you are not alone navigating through the jungle of invisible borders in our neighbourhoods in these pandemic times.

ON THE WAY TO MY CINEMA is a participatory Europe-wide cinema campaign of the changing multiple perspectives of our daily life during a walk to our favourite cinema in these pandemic times.

You can all participate. Just send us your video to info@connecting-cinemas.eu
FORMAT of the video film 1080p | MP4 | Landscape | lenght: 1 minute | free of rights of third parties | recorded with your smart phone